ALTO High Gloss - Curved and Concave Doors - Various Sizes

  • £230.46

Clean and simple with smooth edges, making it easy to achieve a sleek, contemporary look. 

Item Details

715 x 318 x 318mm - Curved Door for use with Cabinet ABWC30 (Wall Cabinet) or ABBC30 (Base Cabinet)

895 x 318 x 318mm - Curved Door for use with Cabinet ABWCT30 (Tall Wall Cabinet)

1965 x 318 x 318mm - Curved Door for use with Cabinet ABTLC30L (Larder Cabinet)

715 x 337 x 337mm Concave Door for use with Cabinet ABCB91C (Base Cabinet)

715 x 296 x 296mm Concave Door for use with Cabinet ABCW6C (Wall Cabinet)

All colour options have a High Gloss finish.

Things to note:

Handles are not included in the Door price.

Doors are only available in standard sizes and have 18mm thickness.

ALTO Curve and Concave doors are only available in matching edge finish. 

The reverse of the Curve and Concave door is not matching gloss but a complementing colour decided by the manufacturer in either Silver or Ivory depending on the colour you choose. Please see the list below to find which colour will be on the reverse of your door.


Door Colour  Reverse Colour
High Gloss White White
High Gloss Vanilla Ivory
High Gloss Cashmere Ivory
High Gloss Sand Beige Ivory
High Gloss Light Grey Silver
High Gloss Dust Grey Silver
High Gloss Graphite Silver
High Gloss Black Silver
High Gloss Metallic Champagne Silver
High Gloss Metallic Blue Silver
High Gloss Metallic Anthracite Silver

We recommend you read Care and Maintenance of Doors and Accessories to get the very best out of your kitchen.

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