AVENTOS HK-XS Stay Lift (Single), 3 Different Power Factors

  • £11.39

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Light, Medium or Heavy Power Factor.

Due to it's compact size, it can easily fit into smaller wall units.

It fits cabinet height from 240mm to 600mm, interior depth minimum 125mm.

Symmetrical design means it can be used on one or both sides.


AVENTOS lift systems bring enhanced freedom of movement to every wall cabinet.

It enables all wall cabinets to open with the utmost ease and close again softly with integrated BLUMOTION. Freedom of movement is guaranteed throughout, and fronts are always out of the user's way.

Even wide lift systems open easily and remain in any desired position.

Quick and easy assembly and removal due to CLIP technology.

Easy 3-dimensional front adjustment.

Perfectly balanced - fronts remain in any desired position.

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