Wine Cabinets

Classic wine cabinets features

   LED display
   Shows current and set temperature within the wine cabinet.
   Beech shelves
   The easy-slide beech wooden shelves are non-scratch
   and won’t damage bottle labels. Their slatted design
   secures bottles in position, and lets you overlap bottles for 
   maximum capacity
   Humidity water tank
   A humidity-controlling plastic water tank is also included.
   It’s positioned on the top shelf of each zone and used
   to increase humidity, if required.
   Stainless steel plinth grille
   A stainless steel plinth means both the freestanding and    
   built-in cabinets easily blend in with any kitchen.

   Grab a bottle
   Our WF1104, WF1544 and WF1546
   wine cabinets have pull-out shelves on
   telescopic rails at just the right angle,
   making it easy to find the bottle you’re