Induction features – explained…

Induction features – explained…
They’re hygienic, more energy-efficient, safer and easier to use.

They work by creating a magnetic field between the hob and the pan. Heat is instant, and it’s easy to control. Once you remove the pan, they cool down very quickly, which is handy if kids are about.
They’re more energy-efficient because they only heat the pan area itself, rather than all around it.

In fact, they use around 25% less energy than some hobs.



Induction features

Automatic safety shut-off
Automatically switches the hob off if it has inadvertently been left on (the switch off automation differs depending on the power level selected) or accidently switched on.

Automatic pan detection
This feature detects when a suitable pan has been placed on a cooking zone, helping to eliminate the possibility of the hob being activated by a non-suitable object.

The cooking zone automatically cuts of if liquid boils over onto the control panel.

This safety system prevents the hob from overheating.

Maintains a temperature of 42°C to assist with warming eggs for baking or melting chocolate without the need to use a water bath.

Boil control
Maintains a temperature of 94°C, just below boiling point.

Booster and Booster+
Booster and Booster+ allow you to boost the power of the selected cooking zone to reduce boiling time.

Bridge function
Allow you to combine 2 cooking zones to act as a single large cooking zone.

Child safety lock
This can be activated to lock the controls during the cooking process, preventing accidental adjustments.

Keep warm
Maintains a temperature of 70°C keeping your food warm without burning.

Memory recall
After switching the hob off, it is possible to recall the last used settings with a couple simple button presses.

Pause function
This allows you to temporarily stop the entire hobs cooking activity and then restart it at the same settings.

Residual heat indicators
A warning symbol is displayed on the control panel to inform the user the surface of the cooking zone is still hot. The warning will switch off once the surface has cooled.