Dishwasher Features

  Cutlery tray
The clever cutlery trays sit at the top of your dishwasher and frees up much more space in the lower basket. The centre tray can be easily removed to allow you to load taller glasses in the basket below or to speed delivery of your perfectly clean cutlery to your drawers. Di629, Di627, Di477 and DF630 only.
  Auto wash
Sensors intelligently check the level of cleanliness of your crockery to make maximum savings of time, energy and water. This can deliver a wash that uses just 8.4 litres of water. Di629 only.
Delay-Timer.jpg     Delay timer
The Delay timer allows the user to delay the start time for between 1 and 24 hours, to take advantage of convenient times or electricity charged at a lower rate. Di629 LCD panel shown, delay timer also on Di627, Di477 and DF630.
arms-(1).jpg     ‘EASY’ adjustable upper basket
This feature allows the height of the upper basket to be changed (even with full loads) with the simple release of 2 conveniently placed levers. Available  on Di629, Di627, Di477 and DF630 only.
light-(1).jpg     Internal light
A well placed LED light, that is activated when the door is opened, helps internal illumination and looks good too! Di629 and Di477 only.
A-(1).jpg     Energy efficent
As energy costs continue to increase, it is more important than ever to provide savings where possible. All Caple dishwashers offer at least A+ energy levels, with the top integrated 600mm model offering an amazing A+++.
power-wash.jpg     Alternative wash function
This flexible system allows the user to select either the upper or lower baskets for the load. Providing further water and energy savings for those smaller loads. Di629 and DF630 only.
Half load
The Half load function is ideally suited to small loads, unlike traditional Half load programmes (which usually only utilise one basket) this uses both upper and lower baskets - with the benefit of reduced water and energy usage. Di627, Di477 and DF610 only.
Power wash
When used with any of the following five programmes ; intensive, normal, economy, glass and 1 Hour Express, Power wash can help break through very heavily soiled loads by increasing washing temperature and duration. Di629 only.
    Water consumption
Here at Caple we want to do all we can to save water for both ecological and financial reasons, so all of our dishwashers have low water consumption figures. Using the Auto wash programme on the Di629 only uses an astonishing 8.4 litres of water.
hose-(1).jpg     Aqua Stop
This system automatically cuts off the water supply at the first sign of a leak, helping to avoid costly water damage.
Dishwasher_Features_2.jpg     Programme status light
Due to the whisper quiet nature of the Di629, this appliance has a convenient programme status light beam projecting onto the floor during the cycle. This light turns off when complete.