The lifespan od Painted and Timber constructed doors and associated accessories can be dramatically improved by many factors. Please take these into consideration when planning your kitchen and be advised by the following.

  • Items installed near heat/steam sources such as electrical kettles, toasters, ovens, grills and radiators, etc should always be protected by suitable heat strips/deflectors and sufficient gaps allowing for hat dispersal. They will be exempt from any warranty given, aside from where any deterioration occurring can be determined to have been caused by other than prolonged exposure to excessive temperatures as set out within BS 6222 part-3
  • Please make sure that you are aware that using kettles or other electrical goods that generate concentrated heat or steam below or near doors will reduce their lifespan and void any warranties. Kitchen Suppliers Online do NOT accept any responsibility for Heat, Steam or water damage to our doors.
  • Always keep doors and their accessories clean. Wipe away water, oil splashes and runs immediately. Pay particular attention to the top, bottom and inset panels of doors where water, cooking oils, liquid and dirt can accumulate.
  • Clean doors with a non-abrasive dishwashing detergent mixed to a very light solution of warm water (1-99 parts) and apply using a damp clean micro-fibre. cloth. Immediately afterwards dry the doors with another dry clean micro-fibre cloth.
  • All High Gloss products are supplied with a protective film. Once removed after fitting the decor surface will take a further 7 days to cure. DO NOT attempt cleaning during this period as you could scratch or mark the surface unintentionally. Afterwards we strongly recommend that Vuplex or similar (for High Gloss Only) is applied with a clean micro-fibre cloth to protect the surface further. It is further characteristic and unavoidable with usage of High Gloss Products that light swirling marks develop and Vuplex will help minimise these marks developing.
  • Important - Coarse and abrasive cloths/sponges, shite spirits, turpentine, solvents, vinegar based, bleaches and other household detergents, Abrasive or Not, Should never be used to clean doors. These can irreparably harm the decor surface.
  • Seasonal climatic changes: temperature and humidity levels can cause wood based doors to exhibit a degree of bowing and movement from time to time. This is normal and unavoidable and should always be considered. We recommend that new doors should always be acclimatised in the property at a temperature of 18-25℃ for a minimum of five days. Doors should NEVER be installed in a newly plastered room/buildings where humidity levels will be exceptionally high.
  • All Doors and accessories should be stored on a flat surface prior to fitting.