Wall Cabinets

Cabinets are available in various widths and three different heights. Don't forget they are also available in a range of colours. Click Here.

  • 575mm High - Ideal for low ceilings. Although these are the older height style of wall unit, they still have advantages in a modern kitchen, they are also a necessity in cottages and low ceiling extensions.
  • 720mm High - Standard Height Option. These units make the back bone of the modern kitchen. They offer two generous shelves that easily moved for your convenience.
  • 900mm High - Tall Wall Cupboards. These units not only give you much more storage space, but gives you the 'Wow' factor. They are also a necessity for rooms that are over 2.4 Metres high as they use the space to meet the need for a designer kitchen. Don't forget that if you buy these units and have a 'Tower' of some description, then you are going to need to order the tall version of them too.